About Me

Hi I am The Snow Kitsune and apart from being a mod enjoyer and GPose enthusiast myself, I also make poses, make makeup mods, make eye mods, make tattoo mods and do outfit upscaling.For examples of my work you can find them on the mod links provided.

ComissionsFor a list of services that I order and their prices please check my price lists and before placing a commission request please fully read my terms and conditions.To discuss things you can contact me onDiscord - thesnowkitsune
Twitter - @thesnowkitsune (see link provided under the social media section).
Please note if you cannot get me on discord please just reach out to me via Twitter.

Prices:All prices are a base line and may be subject to change depending on the complexity and work put in.

MAKEUPEye edit only - €10
Lip edit only - €10
Blush edit only - €10
Simple (pick two from eyes, lips and blush) - €15
Full coverage (includes all three) - €25
Extra details - €5 per detail (depending on what is requested)

OUTFIT UPSCALESI upscale to the following body types:»Bimbo (all chest sizes)
» Lavabod (all sizes)
»Uranus and Uranus Redeux(base chest size but all leg sizes)
»YAB/ YARue (all sizes incl. buff)
Please at contact tell me if you use any piercings (such as navel and breast) or they will not be included by default or if you want to see if I am willing to work with other bodies.Full Outfit - €25+ (depending on complexity)
Prices for partial outfits may be discussed but as a base line start from €15 depending on the item requested.
Thigh Squish - €5 extra

EXTRASCombining tails and ears - €10
Porting hairs to other races or genders - €15 (Please note I only work with earless miqo'te)

My Terms and Conditions

The following are my terms and conditions1. Base prices are none negotiable. You are paying me for my time and the work I put in to fulfill your request so do not ask me to go under my base prices.
2. You may pay a deposit upon me agreeing to take this on for you. All deposits are NONE REFUNDABLE and are 50% of the agreed upon price. Full payment must be received before the product is given over once completed.
3. Any mods required for outfit upscales, tail and ear combining and hair porting must be provided by you in order for me to be able to do the work.
4. Any outfit upscale will be yours solely for a grace period that we agree upon (within reason) before I post them to my mod pages and discords (for both public and private mods) for others to use.
5. Please let me know everything you want done before I begin to work when we discuss what you want doing.
6. Progress shots will be provided and this is where you can request any small adjustments.
7. The work I offer takes time, please be patient and respectful to my time as I also have a life outside of this and cannot control what may or may not happen in my offline life.
8. If you are unhappy with any of my work and decide to take that public on any social platform I reserve the right to make the item you paid open for public use. I will NOT tolerate any form of abuse or slander.
9. Once the mod pack is sent over after full payment I am not obligated to work on the project any further. If I do it is only for minor fixes if I have not noticed them myself (I do test everything in game first).

I reserve the right to deny services to a client at any time. While I intend to keep this rare examples include harassment, stalking, inappropriate behaviour (such as being overtly sexual while talking to me) and breaking any of my terms of conditions. I will let you know that I will no longer be working on the project but I do not owe an explanation as to why.No refunds given upon order or to tips.

Social MediaHere are some links to my social media